Sunday, 1 November 2009

We're not Southern Jessies, are we?

North Cheshire Clarion club run 1st Nov 2009

Driving rain, gale force winds - that was the forecast for Sundays NCC club ride. Out of bed nice and early looked out of the window and yup the forecast of 25mph winds, gusts of 30+mph and 25mm of rain was spot on.

Had breakfast, stuck my race blades on the bike and set off a little late but got to the start point just in time hoping that no one had turned up only to see Giles waiting looking sodden in the rain, bummer we're going to get very very wet...

Got the bike out of my car, stuck ALL of my waterproofs on and rode up to the start point to find Giles had been joined by two other mad ones. So all four of us set off for a flat loop south and east but unfortunately I had forgotten to charge my Garmin and so have no map ride data - good job I had my Cateye for the basics. My waterproofs held out quite well but I eventually got wet, whereas my lower half as expected was soaked within minutes my top half also got wet but not from the rain, more from the boil in the bag effect that comes with hard work and a vent less waterproof.

The pace was as fast as the conditions would allow with the weather being so bad. We had to be constantly on the alert for fallen bits of dead tree, mud, leaves everywhere, potholes, metal grids and puddles but the worst was dealing with the gusty wind, it came from everywhere the side winds literally knocked you sideways at times and later on a headwind that had me crawling along at 10mph.

Ride stats show only 34.5 miles but with that constant gale it sure did feel a lot more and my legs concur - they are definitely a little sore and complaining.... 34.5? nah more like 70...

So are we Southern Jessies? Definitely not - we're well ard...

My Stats
34.5 miles - 2hrs17min - Av Speed 15.1mph - 794ft climbing

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