Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Rehab Weeks 7 & 8

Well what's happened over the last couple of weeks? erm only a couple of things the first being that I'm now allowed to put 3 stone through my bad leg which is a good thing but how do you judge what 3 stone feels like? It's easy enough using a pair of bathroom scales to get a feel for what 3 stone feels like but out in the real world walking with crutches on variable surfaces it's hard to 'feel' 3 stones worth of weight soo what I do is take most of my weight through my crutches and gradually put more and more weight through my gammy leg till I hit uncomfortable than back off a little.

The other things to happen is that I've had a CT scan so my consultant can have a better picture of how my break is healing and I will find out more next week. Speaking of next week I am also having a bone density scan to see if I'm suffering from osteopenia or osteoporosis or the result I'm gunning for is that I'm completely normal and my injuries was just the result of black ice and bad luck.

My main concern atm is my elbow, I cannot put much weight through this elbow, I think this is a bad thing for riding on a bike and I can imagine if was to try riding my bike I'd just be riding around in circles but the upside is I'd be alright for the Velodrome. ;-) I must consult with my Consultant next week for what I can do with this elbow (aside from this riding my bike in circles thing)...

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  1. Great to see that you haven't lost a sense of humour Mark...I hope the outcome of your bone density scan next week is a good one....