Sunday, 27 December 2009

North Cheshire Clarion Christmas run 27 Dec 2009

NCC Christmas Club run

No blog entries for the last week or so with the weather being so bad. My only cycling activities has been the purchase of a new set of road handlebars and a few sessions on the turbo. Today's ride was the scheduled run to initially Tatton Hall but due to the bad weather conditions Dunham Masseys Lavender farm got the nod.

Not as many as expected turned up with just seven hardy individuals braving the elements. Just after 10.30am we set off eastwards to brave the biting winds and stinging freezing rain. We stuck to clear B roads and some A roads dodging slush here and there and no-one came unstuck except Phil who tried to unintentionally carve a path through the slush and nearly came a cropper but a quick recovery saved his bacon. This ride was intentionally ridden slow because it was the clubs xmas run and sociable in nature but the problem I found with travelling at such a slow speed was that I never really warmed up and on occasion I put a spurt on in a vain attempt to get the blood flowing and generate some heat.

The only time we had to give in to the weather was in the attempt to ride up the cobbles to the doors of the cafe stop - sheets of ice everywhere so it was off and walk.

After the cafe stop the weather did improve slightly and I'm sure the sun popped out momentarily but it was still bitterly cold. It was a great relief to get home and dive into a nice warm shower.

My Stat's
24.48 miles, 1hr 53min, Av Spd 13mph, 1188 ft climbing

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