Saturday, 6 March 2010

Turbo Week 6

This weeks format is similar to last weeks with 2 consecutive day workouts and again similar in the use of power intervals. Today I am a still a little tired from Sundays ride and working an early shift. The hardest thing I find is getting the motivation to get motivated but once on the bike it all comes good. Today I had to complete 5 x 3 minute power intervals with 3 minutes rest between intervals. I am finding that even with a 15 minute warm up, the first 2 intervals are harder than the remaining intervals; it must take me some time to properly warm up so perhaps I need to rethink my warm up strategy.

MORE power intervals, 3 sets of 3 x 2 minute intervals with 2 min rest between intervals and a whopping 8 min rest between sets. Today it’s all caught up with me, early shifts, yesterdays workout and still a little tired from the W/E however this is the last workout until Saturday so I give it everything knowing that Ive got a full 2 days of recovery before the next workout and it didn't go as hard as I thought it would. As per usual I found the first couple of intervals hard but as I got into my stride it all came together and I’m concentrating on feeling the burn in my thighs then backing off very slightly, constantly rocking in and out from the burn – this is good practice for what I need to do on the climbs.

Am I improving? Is this training system working for me? I have to say a definite yes. My sustainable power has gone up - not a great amount but just a few short weeks ago I could barely make the 206 watts required for a power interval, now I’m averaging 215 to 220 watts and finding 225 watts the level I now find really difficult to maintain, and what’s better is that when I’m doing the man thing of having a standing pee I can’t see my knee caps anymore over the new muscles I have developed, now that’s REAL progress…

I'm due a workout today but life gets in the way with many choirs to do and more importantly I need to add the finishing touches to my new bike build - details with many pics to come...

Mow Cop tomorrow with the North Cheshire Clarion. We are riding a 60 mile recce to include the first three hills of the Cheshire Cat, should be heaps fun...

Turbo Stats
Tuesday 1 hr, 14.8 miles, Av Speed 14.8 mph

Wednesday 1 hr 10 min, 16.65 miles, Av Speed 14.3 mph

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