Sunday, 11 April 2010

North Cheshire Clarion club run 11 April 2010

Saturday, what a gloriously warm & sunny day it was for April and I was hoping that Sunday would be just as glorious, I wasn't disappointed - eventually. A cool as in a fairly cold 9 am start had only six of us out from Stretton for a flattish 40 odd mile run, I was out in my new dhb bib knickers for only the third time but today would be the first time I was to use them for over an hour and I am pleased to say they are a bargain. Cheapish to buy but for the price the quality is really good and the pad for my backside was just right; not too plush and not too thin either in fact unlike some pads I have sat on the dhb pad did not make it's presence felt which is a good thing I think.

Anyway out from Stretton in an anti-clockwise loop took us through a lot of flat Cheshire lanes and it took me a while to warm up even though we were maintaining 18 to 20 mph for long stretches at a time; I came dressed for a warmish day but the temperature took it's time warming up. I'm a bit stuck now as I'm trying to think of things to say for this blog but I can't really think of much; a nice bit of cake at Dunham Massey, lots of people out in the lanes, cyclists, lot's of cyclists, joggers, horse riders - it's amazing what a bit of warm weather will bring out.

Ah yes there was one thing - the sprint. We are nearing the end of our ride just another 1/2 mile to go and Giles gets antsy, he decides to take off vrooom he's gone so after him goes Pablow, myself and Antney (as I call him) Gile's gives up the challenge as Pablow quickly reeled him in but it's too late now it's race lust as the three of us take off heading for the traffic lights just around the corner. However they were not just around the corner they were around a couple of corners and just a bit too far for me so I ease up a little and let the race continue between Antney and Pablow; who got to the lights first I don't know but as I caught them up the light's changed to green and I the cheeky sod overtook them to get over the lights first so technically I won :)

I thought I would include a photo I took on the bike of Pablow, makes me dizzy just looking at it but I like it in some strange way.

So to summarise. A nice ride into the heartland of north Cheshire, a cool start but warmed up later, lots of long stretches of speeds of 18+ mph, nice cake, a club photoshoot by Giles at Dunham Massey and I won the sprint - sort of :)

My Stats
43 miles, 2hrs 37min, Avg Speed 16.5mph, 1365 ft climbing (Bikehike)

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