Sunday, 16 May 2010

North Cheshire Clarion club run 16 May 2010

Not a bad turnout today 10 regulars and 2 guests assembled for a as requested flat ride around north Cheshire. The weather was cool to start and the only thing that warmed us during the ride was hard work with very little sun and a good amount of wind to cool us down. At times the pace was fairly high and one of those instances of speeding was down to me, sorry guys but you can blame &#'% for that, you see I was on the front and &#'% was on my wheel, I kept looking back to see him glued to me so I thought I wasn't going fast enough and upped the pace to 20+ mph and with no calls of pace or tail I thought everyone was happy - that's my excuse anyway and &#'% you know who you are ;-) After the mandatory cake stop at Lavender Farms it was a quick last few miles with nothing much happening except for young Andrew upping the pace for a few miles resulting in 3 of us unknowingly splitting off from the main group and only realising when we came to a turn and there was no-one there; it was a good split it took at least a minute for the rest to catch us up. ;-)

The Sprint

We finished this ride on the same road as last week so I had a better idea of the location and distance of the traffic lights that marked the end of the ride so hopefully today's sprint would be nothing like last week when we went too early. Today I thought I would use all the techno wizardry at my disposal to determine when to make the jump if no one else does it first. Garmins have the ability to give you a distance to the end (just as long as you have the route in the Garmin) so I kept an eye on the countdown and positioned myself in 5th position moving up to 4th, the pace was steady at 15-18 mph, that will do me, no wasted energy on the run up; I hid in the pack watching and waiting for someone to jump, no one jumped, Phil who was in front of me let a gap open up in front of him, I saw the opportunity and jumped into the gap. In front of me now was just John and Johnathon (better know as Trevor to some); the end was getting closer now just 1/2 mile, I was right behind them hiding, waiting, hopefully unobserved and getting ready to pounce, only a few hundred yards now, time to let the dogs fly so it's GO GO GO!!!, I immediately sprint past John but as I fly so does Johnathon, the bugger must have eyes in the back of his head, I'm on his wheel and giving it everything but to no avail as Johnathon hits the lights first.... lol the bugger ;-}

Great sprint and well timed. One of these days I WILL win a sprint...

My Stats 42.7 miles, 2hrs 36min, Av Speed 16.4mph, 1300ft climbing (Bikehike)

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