Sunday, 30 May 2010

North Cheshire Clarion club run 30 may 2010

Arriving at the start point for today's club run I sat in my car and I felt like I just wanted to go home, I really wasn't in the mood for a bike ride this morning and I don't know why but I suspect it had something to do with the blustery winds and a lack of sun. It wasn't really blowing a gale but it was certainly windy nonetheless, winds of 15mph gusting to 18 mph and I wasn't looking forward to it. Anyway I eventually managed to persuade my lazy arse out of the car and meet up with the rest of the guys, 10 of us or was that 11 awaiting at Stretton. So off we set but it didn't long for a bit of drama to unfold as young Andrew only managed to ride a few inches before executing an impressive dive, ouch that musta hurt...

So rather than write a long story about today's ride I'm going to cut this story short. The ride wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, yes the wind was sapping at times but not overly so and before anyone accuses me of doing nothing on the front and into the wind where I would feel the affect of the wind, yes I certainly did ride on the front and on numerous occasions, so there...

The cafe stop was at Allostock nurseries in erm Allostock, a coffee and a rather nice moist very tasty carrot cake was my choice of nutrition, and off we rode for the final leg. Nothing much happened on the way back except for a numpty in a Volvo estate deciding to overtake us honking his horn as we all signalled and manoeuvred ourselves for a right hand turn, what an idiot and I'm being polite in saying that...

The Sprints
30 signs and hill crests are now the sprint targets of choice and today there were multiple opportunity's for a sprint or two and I'm pleased to say I actually managed to win one on a slight incline by half a wheel. I think I won fair n square but perhaps they let me win, perhaps they took pity on me and threw the sprint so I could win... hmm.

So summing up I'm glad I dragged myself out for today's ride, yes it wasn't hilly in fact I can't think of any significant hills at all and yes it was windy but not overly so but I enjoyed the ride and the company nonetheless. Sitting here typing this my legs are nicely sore probably from the few sprints I took part in and I do like that sore feeling, it makes me feel like I have achieved something today.

My Stats
40.87 miles, 2hrs 39min, Avg Speed 15.4 mph, 1050 ft climbing (Bikehike)

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