Monday, 28 June 2010

North Cheshire Clarion club run 27 June 2010

The best week-end of the year by far weather wise with temperatures into the mid 20’s and with this in mind I decided to ride out to the start point in Stretton from Runcorn. It’s only 7 miles so at a nice steady pace I manage it in less than 30 minutes. At 8:30am the sun was out and warm already, lovely stuff and with not an arm warmer or gillet in sight, just the bare minimum without riding naked was the dress code of the day.

Off we set in a clockwise loop to take in Appleton, High Legh, Warburton, Altrincham, Mobberly, a café stop at Tatton park and then on through Great Budworth, Comerbach and finally Dutton then home to Stretton. Today we had 14 out for the Sunday ride which include 4 first time visitors. This club is really growing considering it only started last October, I think we now have 51 or 52 members. The only trouble with that increase is that those who are rubbish at remembering names like moi have a really hard time, a problem yes but it’s a nice welcome problem. I think we should all start wearing name badges ’Hi I’m Mark No1’ ‘Hi I’m Andrew from Weaverham’ ‘Hi I’m Martin and I will beat you in the sprint’ etc…

The pace was good, not too fast or slow, the conversation was fluid, the weather was ace, no-one had their tyres let down unexpectedly and no-one fell over. Phil J was out on his new Dolan and what a fantastic bike it is, a full carbon jobbie with SRAM Red throughout, a real beauty. You can see more details on his blog here

The café stop at Tatton park was a bit of an experience, an experience not to be repeated that is. The café and it’s outdoor seating cannot be faulted particularly in this glorious hot sun however guess how much 1 slice of carrot cake and a small bottle of fairtrade orange juice cost me? £3.50? £4.50? Nah this little 2 piece bundle of food came to a staggering £6.32p, now that is outrageous, I could have bought the whole cake for that amount. Next time I’m going to bring a peanut butter butty and fill up my water from the men’s bog….

The sprint
Yes there was a few sprints today, the first one was for a 30 sign. I was about 4 back when I saw the sign and mentioned a sprint. Young Martin was way way back and must have seen the sign also as when I glanced back I could see him coiled ready for it watching me like a cat does when it‘s playing with it‘s mouse. So I shoot off out on the front and from my peripheral vision I detect him catching me so I give it a real welly only to be passed by him within a couple of yards of the 30 sign, I came in 2nd closely followed by Martins mate, grr lol that was fun but that sprint goes to Martin…

The next one I participated in was to another 30 sign but this time I had it all worked out. My plan which did work btw is that I should engage young sprint master Martin in conversation with a few guys riding in front and me alongside him on the outside effectively blocking him in, dirty I know but it did work and it went like this; I spot a 30 sign a few hundred yards ahead so without warning I’m off bombing it leaving Martin trailing however his young pal who’s name I still don’t know is giving me some competition, he’s pedalling like crazy down in the drops and I just about manage to take the win with maybe half a wheel. A great plan but nearly scuppered by young guy No2, I will have to more sneaky next time…

Next week it’s a long and normal run, 70 miles with the Eureka café as the midway point and also for the time constrained there is also a shorter 45 mile run with both groups riding together for the first 20 odd miles. If you are interested just pop along to the start point in Stretton by the Cat & Lion pub for 9am. See the clubs website for more info.

My Stats
55 miles, 3 hrs 10 min, Av Speed 17.3mph, 1992 ft climbing (Bikehike)

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  1. Sounds like a really nice ride Mark. Hope to meet you boys out on a ride sometime as I live round Wincham!