Saturday, 5 June 2010

Week End ride Sat 5th June 2010

This weekend myself and Phil M went solo sans the NCC due to the fact that Saturday was the only day available for a ride over the weekend. The route we chose was on the back roads of Crowton with a quick cafe stop at Delamere then onwards to the west of Mouldsworth before heading back through Frodsham. The plus points from today was the many car free lanes and the great weather. It was so nice we didn't ride fast at all we merely ambled along enjoying the scenery as we rode, greatly recomended.

Todays route

I've been past this interesting gravestone from the graveyard at St Johns the Evangelist Church, Ashton many times and have always meant to stop to investigate due to its macabre engraving.

I thought that the scalllywag skull on the stone may have meant the person had died of something interesting or sinister but alas there's nothing on the stone to indicate that. Interesting headstone nonetheless...

Moving on now to the west of Mouldsworth we found a nice climbing switchback west of Mouldsworth on Cob hall lane.

No what you are seeing is what the road was really like and not down to any wide angle lens effects. Due to the tight hairpin the downlane had a nice wide sweep to it. It really was a nice route and we will be repeating it soon...

My Stats
40 miles, 2hrs 29 min, Av speed 14.6 mph, 1864 ft climbing (Bikehike)

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