Sunday, 11 July 2010

North Cheshire Clarion club run 11 July 2010

Re-reading my club ride reports I've come to the conclusion that they can make for some tedious reading at times, the majority of people reading this blog will know exactly what goes on on a club ride so why the need to go into blow by blow or mile by mile details, no need at all...

So starting today I'm keeping my reports short and getting more personal - unless something out of the ordinary happens that is. Today I wanted more miles than the advertised 45 miles so set off early riding instead of driving to the start point in Stretton. Quite a bit of wind, the weather looked very changeable and with dark clouds everywhere it did look like rain however looks can be deceptive and I'm glad to say no rain spoiled our ride. Quite a few riders out, I think 16 today. The route was a mix of hills and flat with a cafe stop at Summertrees in Willington and then onwards over The Yeld and back home through Frodsham. 52 miles for me back to the finish at Stretton, 45 for those that drove there. I still wanted more miles so rode on with a bunch of the guys heading home along the A49 leaving them as I turned off to head home-wards through Walton Gardens as they carried on towards north Warrington. Today compared to last weeks 70 mile ride my legs felt more tired with riding into the energy sapping wind, much more so in those extra 16 miles I tagged onto the end of the ride riding solo directly into the 12-17 mph winds.

A good much more sociable ride than these last few weeks. As a club billed as 'inclusive' we seem to have forgotten somewhat that sociable aspect of our rides, an aspect that does attract riders of varying ability's and fitness levels to come join us with the promise of being looked after so today there was a concerted effort to get back to basics resulting in no-one riding off into the distance, no-one getting left way behind although in fairness no-one got left behind prior to today and no sprints in potentially dangerous conditions.

My Stats
68 Miles, 4 hrs 31 min, Av Speed 15 mph, 3230 ft climbing (Garmin)

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