Saturday, 17 July 2010

North Cheshire Clarion club run Saturday 17 July 2010

No Sunday ride for me this week so I thought I would try out the Saturday club run. The Saturday run is designed to be shorter and a little slower than the Sunday run to encourage people into the club so rather than going solo as was my intention for today, I thought I would give it a go.

The weather wasn't the best today with rain forecast, not heavy just a little light rain however not long into the ride the rain jackets came out in time for the torrential downpour we had at one particular point - XCWeather really got it wrong today, I'm so glad I came out on my winter/rain bike complete with guards but this is July and supposedly the height of summer, we shouldn't have to come out with winter rain jackets and over-shoes but that unfortunately was the case today, it's just not cricket...

The pace was nice and slow for the seven of us but not too slow 15.4 mph average isn't that bad considering the route took us through a lot of built up areas and heavy rain with the resulting spray and water on the road. Not much in the way of hills today so this type of route and the comfortable pace is ideal for an introduction into the club and anyone wondering if they could hack it in a club run should try it, you won't be disappointed... unless it rains that is - insert :rolleyes: gif here...

I would have gotten my camera out today but the rain wouldn't allow it unfortunately so no ride shots. The weird thing with this weather is just how localised it can be, driving home out of wet Warrington back into Widnes and Runcorn just a few miles west, it was as dry as a bone lol...

My Stats
31.5 miles, 2hrs 2min, Av Speed 15.4, 881 ft climbing (Garmin)

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