Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday 17th October - Solo run

Yes I'm under the weather again. I'd been improving all week so was all excited for the Sunday club run however Friday morning I woke up coughing with a really rough throat also shivers that lasted throughout the day so as soon as I came home from work it was straight to bed. Felt a little better later on but I just knew that once again I would not be going out on Sunday. Saturday comes and it's a miracle it must be a 24hr thing as I'm feeling quite good so have hopes once again but (too many buts) 11.30 is my appointment for the annual Flu jab so once again the ride is in the balance depending on how this affects me and it does affect me as the flu jab gives you mild flu like symptoms....

Sunday morning now and I did intend to get out, all my gear is set out, my bike is ready and I'm woken up by my alarm, I don't feel bad at all, quite good in fact. I come downstairs, look out of the window to see a mild frost so I sit there on the pouffe umming n arring, should I shouldn't I, will I won't I be ok? Will the cold make my cough worse? I decide that it wasn't worth the risk of a relapse so reluctantly dive back into bed.

Mid day now, it's warmed slightly outside and the sun is shining on a crisp autumn day and I'm itching to get out so out I get. My plan was flat miles on a voyage of discovery around the south Appleton area trying to keep my heart down in zone 2 - Joe Friels Aerobic zone. What a beautiful day, a bit of a nip in the air but it's great just cruising at around 15 - 19 mph with my HR in the aerobic zone.

I'm in the south Appleton area now (after taking a wrong turn near Stretton making me double back on myself) and just riding around these traffic free lanes is an utterly fantastic experience its a great opportunity to have a good old think about life the universe what's for tea etc. A few times I did get a little lost as I meandered around the lanes and not being a native of this area had to rely on signposts to get me out of there, here's a photo of one such occasion at some place called Arley Hall, wherever that is...

After 30 minutes of this I'm getting a little worried, such thoughts as will I find my way out before it goes dark? will I have to ring air sea rescue to help me out of this maze? riding this area is just so nice I don't want it to end but time is pressing so I consult my Garmin for a route out and back into civilization

Some little Mansion out yonder in the middle of nowhere...

Eventually after seemingly going around in circles I stumble across the A49 and then I know where I am so it's onwards homewards.

What a great route that was, 30 miles of flatness - ideal for the winter 'off season' zone 2 endurance rides that start in December (according to 'the plan', the Joe Friel plan)

My Stats
30 miles, 1hr 53min, Av/Max speed 16/24 mph Av/Max HR 146/172 (Act max 191), 804 ft climbing (Garmin)

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