Monday, 27 December 2010

Post 'Bimbling on Ice'

My last time on the bike on a real road was the ill fated attempt of a 40 miler a couple of weeks ago and since then it's been turbo turbo turbo grrr. I know I'm not unique in this as the snow and ice has had a dramatic affect on everyone's training not just mine. So what have I done on my bike on my turbo in my garage since 'bimbling on ice'?

From 12th to the 22nd Dec:

6 Turbo training sessions, 87 miles, 5 hrs 50 min.

I'm still in the Base periods but I'm not riding the required amount of hours, the snow and Turbo are putting paid to anything longer than 90 minutes as 90 minutes on a turbo is about as much as I can tolerate at any one time, perhaps I can do two successive 90 minute sessions on odd weeks but my training is ramping up so 90 minutes is now the shortest workout required and I'm getting seriously fed up doing these on the turbo day after day so now I don't, I just do an hour and work just a little harder.

December 22nd was my last workout but then came the build up to Christmas and all the food and booze that goes with it - lots of prezzies are in, willpower to migrate into the freezing cold of the garage to train is out so it's 5 days since I last got my leg over (a bike) and now I'm feeling guilty. I weighed myself this morning and I'm just under 12 stone and that was a bit of a shocker I can tell you, my weight has been gradually rising over the last few weeks since being restricted to the turbo from @11st 5lb's.


So what did I do to make myself feel better? I do what women do when they need cheering up, I spent money, I visited the many bookmarks I have to all the major cycling shops on-line and ended up buying myself some Santini bib shorts ready for the summer and brake levers for my TT bike, all I need is the actual callipers themselves and my TT bike will be complete. Talking of my TT bike, it is now ridable on my Turbo but that riding position is something I will have to get used to, my upper thighs are hitting my stomach lightly and the bent over position recruits some different muscles to normal riding so its 10 minutes here and there getting my body and neck used to this demanding position...

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