Wednesday, 29 December 2010

What a difference a day makes...

Just 24 little hours and I declare the lanes of North Cheshire to be well and truly open for business....

Yes just 24 little hours after my last visit to the North Cheshire countryside I had a fantastic time and hardly a slush deposit in sight, what a transformation. This piccy is a shot of the same stretch of road as yesterdays photo but as you can see the slush has mostly all gone. Fanbloodytastic, at last the roads are fit for a good bike ride with just two very slightly dodgy areas of slush to worry about today...

Now talking about a worry, as I was in the Arley Hall area I scared a Buzzard into flight, he was messing around at the side of the road and as I approached he took flight and landed in a tree farther up the lane whose boughs were overhanging the road and as I approached I scared him into flight yet again but as he took off he crapped himself and I had to swerve to avoid an eyeful, damn bird...

Anyway the weather was mild and I was far too warm in 3 layers, a windtex jacket and a rain jacket as well as neck tube and a hat under my helmet but I didn't mind just as long as I was out.

Today was a base miles day as is reflected in the very average, average speed of 15 mph.

My Stats
30.2 miles, 2hrs, Av Speed 15 mph, Av/Max HR 140/156, 869 ft climbing (Garmin)

Garmin Stats

Heart Rate Zones
Z1: 28 min, Z2: 74 min, Z3: 13min, Z4: 0, Z5: 0


  1. And I didn't go out because of your other picture!!!!

    That's a decent enough average though

  2. lol yes I was thinking of you as I was on my bike but :-} still there's always tomorrow :)