Saturday, 9 April 2011

My Bikes...

What a nice day today is, 17'C - it was so nice I thought I'd treat the bikes to a bit of the good weather...

Focus Variado Expert, 2008 Ultegra SL - My first road bike, now used as winter bike and as photo'd as a turbo bike with blue turbo tyre on Shimano RS20 wheels. Mudguard needs attention...

Specialized Langster Steel, single speed with flip-flop hub

Ribble TT build. Just need to add brake callipers and cut steerer tube. Pro-lite wheels bought recently for winter/wet but look far too nice to used as such... 

Scott Addict 2010 Ultegra with Dura-ace wheels. My bestest bike.

Graham Weigh steel framed Campagnolo equipped commuter bike


  1. Thanks for introducing your bikes to us.......


  2. You don't have enough bikes :-)


    Ohhh I don't have enough bikes either!

  3. There are two more in the garage a GT hybrid and an old Claude Butler mountain bike ;)