Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bloody Rain Has a Lot To Answer For...

Bugger it I was apprehensively looking forward to today's Sunday ride, a relatively flat 50 miler into the heartland of Cheshire. I got up nice and early as usual and it was all calm and sunny outside, ate my beans on toast,  pumped my tyres up, got all my gear on and looked at the weather forecast hmm...

Sun 12 Jun7:009:5911 °c9 °c30.0 mm86 %8 mph10 mph

10:0012:5911 °c6 °c22.1 mm91 %10 mph12 mph

13:0015:599 °c6 °c04.1 mm100 %12 mph14 mph

16:0018:5910 °c8 °c05.7 mm100 %11 mph13 mph

It's now nearly time to set off, I'm stood in the garden and I can smell rain in the air although at that time it wasn't to be seen but the wind was picking up and it had all gone gloomy, should I shouldn't I, I need to decide before it's too late!!! I don't know what to do, normally rain wouldn't put me off at all but my recent incident has made me think twice before riding in potentially slippery conditions, damn it what do I do..... Sod it I think it's not worth the risk and I've got a hospital appointment tomorrow to see the specialist about my 'thinning of the bones' and that appointment is one I want to keep, I strip off and get back into bed.

It's 11am now and would be mid ride, outside it's lashing down so I made the right choice although I'm not happy at missing out on a ride but at least there's always the turbo in the safety of the confines of my garage....

Wish me luck, I might slip on the way out :-/


  1. Hmmmm I did 112 miles today, with 80 in rain and 40 of that in heavy rain...

    It wasn't much fun ;-(

  2. I would probably have done the same. I must admit that since my 'incident'I am a bit more cautious....anyway - I would not have enjoyed cycling in 'lashing' rain and why do something that you are not going to enjoy..!