Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday 26th June - a great day for a ride...

Sunday was the pick of the weekend as far as the weather forecasters were concerned and by Jove they certainly got it right (eventually). I had made arrangements to ride with old cycling buddy Phil M for a lazy jaunt in the flatlands of Cheshire. We met up at 11am and at that time it was overcast but very warm, we set out heading out towards Comberbach riding at a steady 16 mph and as time went on it got sunnier and hotter which is great imo, I love riding in the sun in the countryside having a chat. It wasn't all at a leisurely pace there was a few occasions where we blasted along until the lungs called for mercy.

There was also a couple of minor hills on this route, perhaps the steepest hills I've encountered since my accident and a great opportunity to test my recovering leg. These hills are not steep perhaps approx 7-10% at most but I gave it a bit of a kick on these hills and I'm glad to say that my legs were fine, no pains, no aches just my lungs giving me jip towards the top of the hills.

A great little ride which we both enjoyed, mostly flat and traffic free with a couple of small hills. Is there any more you can ask of a lazy Sunday jaunt in the countryside? I think not, well on second thoughts, perhaps cake?...

My Stats
28 miles, 1hr 52mins, Av Speed 14.9 mph, Av Hr 148 (77% max), 812 ft climbing (garmin)   

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