Friday, 1 January 2010

Xmas 2009 and beyond...

Ok 2009 is now well and truly over so I thought I would have a quick look at what I've accomplished during the year and what I'd like to accomplish during 2010. During 2009 the biggest achievement that comes to mind is in the participation of a sportive or two. As I have written somewhere in a past blog, sportives were something far from my mind but early 2009 saw me bite the bullet and enter not one but three of them, 1. The Cheshire Cat in March, 2. Liverpool Chester Liverpool in July and 3. Manchester 100 in September. I realise to some people this is all small stuff and hopefully in a few short years I will look back and think yup small stuff indeed, but in the meantime every goal reached however small is a major accomplishment and I've enjoyed the trip getting there.

The next step in my cycling journey through 2009 was to join a club and enjoy the challenge of learning and riding in a group in the company of like minded individuals. This happened late in 2009 with a new branch of the National Clarion being formed in Warrington Cheshire.

One of the important lessons I've learnt over the years is that goal making is an important incentive to progress. So for 2010 I've set myself just a few goals.

1. Train more intelligently. I've gone some way in this already, I've just got to decide upon which training regime to follow, will it be Chris Carmichaels 'The time crunched cyclist' or will I follow the 8 week training Realrides FORCE DVD I've just bought,  hmm decisions decisions but I will need to decide one way or the other real soon.

2. Ride a few of the harder sportives. Signing up for the 100 mile Cheshire Cat is the start and there are others in the pipeline.

3. Get my weight down to 11 stone by the end of March. That could be hard as I will have to eat properly get myself a diet and stick to it. I'm around 11 stone 5 now but I always find it hard to go below 11 stone without feeling ill.

4. Ride a few 10 mile TT's. My club the North Cheshire Clarion is to get involved in TT's and other cycling activities and as they get involved so will I.

So that's it, not huge but I think realistic achievable goals - hopefully...


  1. Best of luck with your goals.

    The Cheshire cat used to be near enough flat (If you ignored Mowcop) but last years route was quite hilly.

  2. Thanks Red Bike, I know what you mean about the CC I rode the 09 version of it or should I say walked it :)

  3. Hi,

    Google is amazing - I was searching the internet trying to make the same decision as your number 1. But I haven't bought the DVD and only browsed the book at the local book shop.

    Would be really interested for more of your thoughts - are the two training programs similar?


  4. Hi Mitch, no the two programs are quite different. The CC book is much more detailed and extensive than the RR DVD. CC tells you exactly what you need to do and and on what days you need to train. Obviously no DVD to watch so you need to sort out your own entertainment.

    The RR DVD is great if you don't want to do much thinking, he has you do a warm-up before every workout that works out your biggest gear to use during the workout and then you just follow his instructions. The first 2 or 3 weeks you do 2 or 3 45 min workouts and then in the next few weeks the workouts go up to and hour then the last few few weeks the workouts are upped to 1.5 hrs. He uses a series of 15 min intervals during the workouts, in the first few weeks, 2 intervals then 3 and finally 4 for the last few weeks.

    Both have their plus and minus points, CC is much more precise and scientific whereas the DVD is much the same through-out the workouts, but even though they are all very similar in the DVD the workouts have you glued to the screen because he has you working up/down through the gearing and in/out of the saddle - I like that and the time flies..

    Both will work so I suppose it depends upon weather you like working out of a book or just prefer to follow the man on the TV... Oh and the obvious - the book workout you can take out onto the road whereas the DVD is turbo (although I suppose you can take the principles of the workout out onto the road)


  5. Hi Mark,

    That helps a lot - thanks.

    Good luck with your goals. Let us know how you get on.