Sunday, 31 January 2010

Week of Turbo

Not really the right weather to take the bike out on the road so it's back on the turbo for this weeks biking adventures. The Cheshire cat is just a few weeks away so it's time to start my training regime, it's time for me to listen to my coach Chris Carmichael who wrote a book just for me called 'the time crunched cyclist', so with all my figures worked out (working in watts) as of last Tuesday I am now on week 1 day 1's workout which consisted of 60-90 min of Endurance miles with 3 x 8 minute Steady State intervals thrown in somewhere within the 90 minutes.

EM miles are 45-73% (watts) of the CTS field test so not so bad but the SS intervals are 86-90% of the field test and are easyish for the first 5 minutes or so then you have to start concentrating to keep the power up as you start to tire. My figures are all worked out from the field test I completed sometime before the end of the year and it seems that I have lost a fair bit of power over the new year with it's hiccups so I struggled with this workout and could barely reach the required power output for the full 24 minutes of the Steady state intervals.

Thursdays workout was exactly the same and I found it very much just as hard. After Tuesdays workout I was fairly leg tired so eased off time-wise on the Thursday workout. Come Saturday my legs felt great for the weekend rides so on Saturday the workout consisted of EM miles but cut short with Sundays 50 mile ride in mind.

Sundays club ride looked a really good ride but because of the flippin snow that fell on Saturday evening the ride was off so again I had to resort to the turbo. Today's workout called for up to 2 hours of EM miles and that's exactly what I did, 2 hours cycling in front of a TV watching Star Trek and a zoo program that was very interesting watching 2 cast off lion cubs struggling for survival, all good stuff and helped the time pass by.

My Stats
Tuesday 1.30hrs, 20.65 miles
Thursday 1.10hrs, 16.04 miles
Saturday 1.0 hr, 13.08 miles
Sunday 2.0 hrs, 28.07 miles

Total for the week
77.84 miles
5 hrs 40 minutes
22.16 miles short of my target of 100 miles

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