Thursday, 18 February 2010

Turbo Week 4

4 weeks into the program and Chris gave me Monday to Wednesday off, so no Tuesday workout, isn't that kind of him...

Today was a repeat of a last weeks Tuesdays workout with 6 power intervals, sounds horrendous but each interval is only 3 minutes long with 3min rest between intervals. I'm finding the prescribed wattage for these intervals getting easier especially after the early weeks rest, today 206 watts seemed nearly easy and I was regularly in the +215 W range.... I'm happy...

Should have been the same workout as Thursday but with a shorter rest time between sets however as Sunday was our club ride day I thought I should go easy and do Sundays easier 'group ride' workout a day early. The workout didn't quite go to plan as i chose to follow Chris Carmichaels hill climbing DVD that calls for a lot of steady state intervals.... hard but steady intensity work...

Snow here snow there snow every flippin where and no club ride so instead I retreated to the kitchen and an MP4, the MP4 in question? Sufferfests downward spiral. I had all my wattage figures worked out so knew exactly what levels of suffering I was to undergo, and yes I was worked hard, really hard but what got me was the sprints near the end - you think you are almost finished so go all out, out of the saddle for the last 15 seconds or so then you are told to do it again then again then again.... I was TOAST after that and I mean TOAST... end of workout No1, time for a breather...

Workout No2 was Realrides Force DVD, all good stuff with more steady state intervals but with suffering from the Sufferfest and knowing what Carmichael had in mind for me the following week I didn't go all out and cut the DVD workout short 40 minutes in making up the hour at endurance miles intensity.

Turbo Stats
Tuesday Rest day
Thursday 1hr30min, 21.77 miles, Av Speed 14.5mph
Saturday 55min, 14.04 miles, Av Speed 15.3 mph
Sunday No1 - 1 hr 2min, 15.41 miles, Av Speed 15.41 mph
Sunday No2 - 1 hr, 14.3 miles, Av Speed 14.3 mph

Total for week
65.52 miles

Well short of the desired 100 miles but it was expected with it being a half rest week and no W/E ride.

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