Saturday, 6 February 2010

Turbo week 2

A full week since I started the Carmichael workout, today's session was upped from last week with a full 90 minute workout including 3 X 10 minute intervals at steady state intensity (up from 3 X 8). Last week I struggled to maintain the intensity, barely scratching the lower limits of the required wattage but today I was able to stay within the limits. It did require concentration as I was on the very edge of lactate build up so when I started to feel the pain in my thighs it was time to back off very slightly, rocking in and out of lactate build up. Steady state is all about maintaining an intensity that you can just keep up for the duration of the intervals, a total time of 30 minutes in today's workout. Today was a good but sweaty workout...


Todays workout was a repeat of Tuesdays and with working an early shift I was feeling a little tired plus I had a little bit of a niggle in my left knee. Have I overdone it over the last week? Have I knocked it somehow?, I don't remember knocking it so I played it safe by having a nice long 15 minute warmup with a gradual ramp up to the first interval, so far so good no pains. Moving into the first 10 minute interval and the required 177 to 185 watts I eased in over the first 30 seconds into the lower regions of the wattage range, all was good and stayed good for the duration of the workout, a workout that required 75 to 90 minutes of endurance miles including 3 x 10 minute Steady State intervals. I decided not to push my luck and completed just the minimum time called for in todays workout. I'm aiming for a 200 watt Steady State by the end of this month, a big ask? time will tell...

1hr 30 to 2 hrs at Endurance Miles intensity is the workout schedule for today with anything between 100 and 150 watts and 80 to 100 cadence, all very easy stuff. On my Kurt Kinetic turbo this works out at between 11.7 and 15.3 mph, in EM workouts I tend to spend my time in the 13 to 15 mph range occasionally venturing outside these speeds. EM intensity is for the purpose of building endurace as Chris Carmichael instructs
"This is your moderate-pace endurance intensity. While it has a wide range, keep your power and/or heart rate in the middle portion of your EM range"
As I said all easy stuff but thats going to change starting next week...

My Stats
Tuesday 1hr30min, 21.42 miles, Av Speed 14.3
Thursday 1hr15min, 17.66 miles, Av Speed 14.1
Sat 1hr30min, 20.06miles, Av Speed 13.4

Total millage for this week so far is 59 miles so I only need 41 miles from tomorrows ride to get me my 100...

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