Saturday, 27 February 2010

Turbo Week 5

60-90min of Endurance miles with intervals consisting of 2 sets of 3 x 3min Power Intervals, What that means in practice is a 3min PI followed by 3 min rest and then repeat the interval and rest a further 2 times and that's set number one. Rest for six minutes then repeat the first set.

Rest doesn't mean getting on the sofa for a legs up and a cuppa, no it means lowering the wattage down from the PI of 206+ Watts to around 140-150W for the duration of the rest interval. Not easy...

Normally Carmichael plans his workouts on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays but this week he's upped the ante a bit by having consecutive workouts on following days. Today's workout is almost the same as yesterdays but he allows 8 minutes rest between sets, the rest is exactly the same. Yesterdays workout was hard but doable, today's was harder with no rest day in between workouts. The legs are tired as is to be expected
but I hope the added stress of two workouts on the trot will only do me good, the good thing is that I now get two days rest :)

With Sundays ride in the back of my mind I decided to complete the minimum workout of 90 minutes rather than the full monty of 2 hrs. The workout on paper looked easier than the 2 midweek intervals and in reality they were - slightly... Total time of the intervals was 30 min, 3 x 10 minutes of over/under with the rest consisting of Endurance miles.

A good week of hard intervals but they must do me some good, all I want is more POWER and endurance (don't we all) and I feel by closely following my coach's workouts I am defo getting there. The Cheshire cats only a month away and I think I have improved a fair bit during these last 5 weeks of the plan. Proof will be in the pudding as they say...

My Stats
Tuesday 1 hr, 14.4 miles, Av Speed 14.4 mph
Wednesday 1 hr, 14.7 miles, Av Speed 14.7 mph
Saturday 1 hr 30min, 22 miles, Av Speed 14.7 mph

Total turbo miles this week 51.1 miles - just need 49 miles from Sundays ride for my target of 100 miles.

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