Sunday, 29 August 2010

North Cheshire Clarion club run 29 Aug 2010

What a day, wet, wet, windy wet more wetness and wind. Twelve of us set off from Stretton on a supposedly 'flat' route dressed in our wet weather gear with a cafe stop 30 miles into the ride.

After yesterdays Velodrome effort my legs today were still a little tender so I looked forward to a nice 'feels like no effort' flat route however first came the rain which isn't a big deal it just made the day a wet one but then came the wind, a side wind mostly but also a head wind at times and that for me became a real killer later on into the ride. A nice stop at the Lavender Farms cafe for some coffee and carrot cake and a good natter and then on again into winds and more rain...

I was OK riding to the cafe stop and felt good enough to spent a few miles on the front on occasion even though I wasn't quite recovered but then with the constant winds during the last 10 miles those last few miles became really hard work and now I could feel yesterdays efforts in my legs. Finally the sun came out to warm us up but too late I was tired and wet and also a little leg sore and when those traffic lights that marked the end of today's wind/rain fest came into view I quietly rejoiced...

A good route on any other day but today but would any route ridden today be a good route?.

My Stats
42.3 miles, 2hrs 40min, Av Speed 15.9, 1023 ft climbing (Garmin)


  1. I was getting a little board of riding around Cheshire ealier this year. Now, I can't wait to clock up some flat miles around there.

  2. Well you know where we meet when you're up to it :)

  3. No sprinting for signs for you on Sunday Marko, if I'd of thought about it, I could have taken you on and won for a change :-)