Sunday, 8 August 2010

North Cheshire Clarion club run 8th Aug 2010

I've not been around for the last few weekends, the hot beaches of Greece have had my full attention so today was my first time back in the saddle for a club run in 3 weeks. Today's route intentionally included 75% of next weeks Seamons CC open 25 mile time trial so that allowed us to examine corners, potholes, junctions etc and gave us a good idea of what to expect for next week. The pace on this ride was fairly slow as the average speed and my average heart rate alludes to and that meant plenty of time for chat with the other 14 guys n gals out today.

Our rides have changed over the last few weeks away from a higher pace and the occasional sprint to a much more sociable slower pace which is great for chat but that means you need to get your training in during the week and not rely on the Sunday ride. That's not to say that we didn't have our little moments, a certain small hill jumped out at one point that meant a little race to the top and the final roundabout called for a bit of speed that had my legs nicely pumped up just before the end of the ride.

Next week for the me and quite a few other NCC'ers is the above mentioned 25 mile TT. I just don't know why I decided to put my name down for it as my only other previous time trial was a 10 mile effort that nearly killed me so why???? Anyway I'm now quietly excited by the prospect of busting a lung and have been tinkering my clip-ons for a more comfortable ride, I've moved the cups wider and back towards the rider so hopefully a less twitchy and more comfortable ride will be the result, I will find out during the week.

84 Mark Rowe North Cheshire Clarion 1:10:04 V48 15.24

The above figures are all to do with the TT and I had no idea what it all meant, I had to have it all explained by Andy. So apparently my starting time is 3.24 pm in 84th position and my expected time is 1hr 10 minutes and 4 seconds lol I have a feeling my time will be around 1 hr 20 min, we will see oh the V48 means I'm a veteran, sound good eh, a VET! what it means in reality is that I'm decrepit old git and should be put down by a vet ha. I also have Matthew Cronshaw from Rapha Condor Sharp starting in 90th position and I reckon it will take him all of 15 minutes to catch and overtake me oh the fun I have to look forward to...

Todays photo's

My Stats
45.6 miles, 2hrs 55min, Av speed 15.6mph, 989 ft climbing, Av Hr 116 (Max 191)

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