Thursday, 10 February 2011

Rehab Week 4

Tuesday 8th Feb, week 4 of my rehab and week 5 and 2 days post spill. I have a pivotal hospital appointment whereupon it will be decided whether or not I can start weight bearing on my gammy leg. Arriving at the hospital and sat in the waiting room I over-hear the nurses saying that the consultant I am to see is on holiday and also his registrar is off work ill and I know immediately from years of visiting hospitals that nothing will be decided today by whoever they draft in to cover.

I'm sent for an x-ray, so far so good and then I'm in to see Mr stand-in who looks at my new x-ray and tells me to carry on non weight bearing and come back in two weeks, grrr I was right about nothing being decided today he played it safe but in his defence I could see the new x-rays and yes I could see that my leg was still not healed, not that I expected it be fully healed, that will take months not weeks but it had healed somewhat. On the plus side I will just have to be content with sitting down with the TV remote being waited on for at least another two weeks...


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