Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I've only had the opportunity to ride a Wattbike on one occasion but in that one session I quickly realised how marvelous these machines are with the range of info you can have displayed regarding your power and cycling technique. On the digital readout there are 3 or 4 screens to scroll through and one of them is a graph that shows how much power you are putting out anywhere on the pedal stroke and which leg is the stronger. I didn't know how to interpret what I was looking at until I saw this explanation over on

This is a quick pic that I took of my Wattbike during last years Soreen Challenge at the Manchester Velodrome.

Now looking at the various shapes from that Cyclesport post, I think (and you can correct me if I'm going blind) my shape loosely resembles that of the Peanut...

I quote:
The Peanut typifies a good cyclist, or someone who naturally understands how to deliver force to the pedals to good effect – people who ride fixed crank bikes naturally have a better understanding of maintaining pedal momentum and often show the peanut shape.

You may beg to differ but I do think my shape is as I say that of a peanut, a deformed one maybe but a peanut nonetheless. In my defence of the deformity I was sat up taking that photo so that may account for the weirdness and whether I stand up to the Cyclesports interpretation of a 'good cyclist' is a matter of debate ;-)

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