Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Welcome to my blog

This blog is NOT about my illness, it's about living life AFTER being diagnosed with a chronic illness and how cycling has given me a new lease of life. I hope it gives inspiration to all those who are struck down with illness and demonstrates that living with an illness doesn't mean you curl up and give in, there is life to be lived so live it whilst you can...

However, you must be wondering what chronic illness afflicts me? Well, firstly, renal failure leading to the need for peritoneal dialysis and then eventually a kidney transplant. People think a new kidney means being back to normal and to an extent they'd be right however there are many side affects that can have an impact most minor but some major such as an immune system artificially suppressed so that the transplant is not rejected - you can imagine the problems that can pop up. Also lately I've found out that those immune suppressing drugs can also lead to 'thinning of the bones' which I'm sure had a major part to play in the breaking of three of my bones in a fall on a club run on black ice in Jan 2011.

My new kidney was kindly donated by Mum in June 2005 when I was aged 43 -TA MUM-, so there it is and I will try not to mention kidney stuff too often as it does get a little boring...

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