Thursday, 8 October 2009

A little ancient history

As everyone on the planet did in their younger days they rode a bike, and so did I. My Dad had bought me a Claud Butler Super European 5spd built from around the mid 60's, it was a little too big for me aged 12 but I grew into it. It was fast it was furious and it was mine, everyday after school I would get my bum on the leather saddle and just ride my bike. No great distances, no planned rides, no constructive training, i just rode my bike wherever I wanted to go, up and down the street, in a group around my local area with the other kids on thier bikes or just hanging around on street corners. When the gauntlet was thrown no-one had a chance against me and my Claud I was the 70's version of our favourite Manxman. What I didn't realise because as most kids do when something is bought for them is appreciate exactly what I had be been given, I didn't know for example just how light it was until my two brothers got their 'racers' and mine was like a feather compared to the others, I didn't appreciate how sleek it was until I compared it to all the other kids bikes - I didn't realise that I had a thoroughbred. I wish I had the Claud Butler in my garage now as a memento to my childhood but alas that's not so, just a few years ago Dad was having a clear out and he threw it on the skip. I'm cursing myself because he asked me if I wanted it and I said no....... boohoo

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