Friday, 9 October 2009

Recent history, 2005 onwards (and upwards)

After much nagging from my G.P, works Doctor and hospital consultant I embarked on a get fit regime. Now prior to my enforced hospital stays (2003 to 2005) I had always been physically active in some way or other, in my youth and on into my late 20's it was footy, swimming, footy, squash, footy, the occasional bit of jogging and a lot of gym weights. The more aerobic type activities gave way eventually to gym weight training in my 30's. With my type of physique, ie stringy, I was never going to be an Arnold but I was strong and toned as they say.

From 2004 after being fitted out with a dialysis tube that was permanently grafted into my stomach, strenuous physical activity became difficult so I gave up and settled into nothingness - playing quake2ctf all day and watching the X-files and Star Trek late into the night. June 14 2005, the very next day after Michael Jackson was found not guilty of a dozen or so charges I had my transplant. Six months later after finally escaping hospital after LOADS of setbacks I was back at work and eager to get back to the gym which I did - but it was not without its problems. The main problem being caused by a lack of an immune system - I need to have my immune system suppressed through drugs so that my brand spanking new kidney is not rejected. Lack of an immune system means I caught every bug going and in a hot sweaty gym there is zillions of nasty things just waiting to jump down my throat and put me out of action for weeks at a time which the buggers did, regularly......

Time to look elsewhere

Feb 2008 (I'm getting there OK!!) on a whim I went to Warrington Cyclehouse, browsed the showroom, ogled the expensive Scotts and eventually handed over £200 for a 2007 GT Nomad Hybrid bike just like the one below, another £30 for a big black bell cheapo helmet and a basic track pump, stuck the bike in the boot of my Mondeo, drove home, got the bike out of the boot and set out on my new bike.

Regarding that first trip this is what I wrote on the BikeRadar forums :-

quote I've only recently bought a GT hybrid bike with a view to getting fit. On my first ride a few weeks ago I only did 25 min and approx 4 miles but was I knackered after, getting off the bike my legs nearly collapsed they were like jelly but didn't it feel really good  - that pumped up feeling is so nice. Over the last few weeks I've built up my time to about an hour every other day but the hills and the WIND kills me....I'm looking forward to building up some strength and stamina over the coming summer, it's a horrible feeling to be unfit. unquote

My first ride had immediately impressed upon me how unfit I was, 25 min and 4 miles and I was kerknackered - an average of just 9.6 mph on flatish roads!! now that is slow... Over the next few months the so called hills and the wind that 'killed' me, continued to carry on 'killing' me and they were not what the stronger riders or even average riders would call 'hills - just mere humps! So what could I do to try to remedy this nastiness?

Considering the GT Hybrid weighed in at 31 lb and I had been browsing the 'tinternet' as well as buying the Cycle Plus mag, I realised that buying a lighter 'racer' would get me absolutely flying up those 'humps' leaving all those OAP/mums-with-shopping-basket type cyclists who previously smirked at me as they cruised past, chocking on my dust -harhar.... Well that was my theory anyway.....

What I did next is subject to my next post so keep tuned folks...

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